Philips Digital tuning clock radio

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Mirror-finished display. Elegant and clear
The mirror-finished display clearly shows the time and doubles as a touch control panel. You can adjust the display brightness.
Battery backup in event of power failure
Battery backup ensures memory of time during power failure
Gentle Wake. Alarm tone or radio volume slowly increases
The Gentle Wake function deploys a gradually increasing alarm to ease you into the day. You can set it to work with the alarm tone or the radio.
Dual alarm function. Set two alarms
The dual alarm function lets you set two different alarms. Perfect if you're likely to snooze through the first alarm. Or if your partner needs to wake before you.
Sleep Timer. Drift off listening to your favourite station
Drift into a restful sleep with your favourite radio station playing in the background. You can set the Sleep Timer to play your selected station for up to 2 hours. After your preset time has elapsed, the radio turns off. No more waking in the middle of the night, wondering why the radio is still on!
USB port. Charge your phone
A handy USB port lets you use the clock's power supply to charge your phone while you sleep.
Night light. Tap the top of the clock
If you need to get up at night, simply press the top of the clock to turn on the night light. A second press decreases the brightness to give you a pleasantly dim glow.


Technical Specifications

Type                                                          Digital

Time format                                            12H, 24H

Display                                                     LED

No. of alarms                                          2

Sleep timer                                             15/ 30/ 60/ 90/ 120 mins

Antenna                                                  FM Antenna

Tuner Bands                                           FM, Digital tuning

Frequency range                                   87.5 - 108  MHz

No. of preset stations                          20

Alarms                                                   Radio Alarm

                                                               Buzzer Alarm

                                                              Repeat alarm (snooze)

                                                              Dual alarm time

                                                              Gentle Wake

Sleep Timer                                          Yes

Display brightness                              High/ Mid/ Low

Volume control                                   Up/Down

Power supply                                      100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Backup battery                                   CR2032 (included)

Power type                                           AC Input

Packaging type                                     D-box

Packaging dimensions (WxDxH)        171 x 70 x 120 mm

Net weight                                            0.426  kg

Gross weight                                         0.5  kg

Product dimensions (WxDxH)              110 x 55 x 110  mm

Product weight                                     0.28  kg

Built-in speakers                                   1

5 V, 1 A                                                   Yes

Other items in the box                         Quick start guide, Warranty certificate